A Diaper Bag Unlike Any Other

Simplifying Your Baby's Needs


Little Tottie Baby Bed Backpack

USB Charging Port

Charge your phone or tablet with convenience. Our USB port keeps your charger neatly tucked inside whilst providing accessibility on the outside.

Expandable Baby Bed & Changing Station

Need a quick change or a sleeping cot when you're out and about? Our innovative backpack provides an expandable bed, mini mattress, and an overhead sun shade. 

Waterproof Material

Don't worry about rain or water. Our backpacks are made of premium quality materials that repel water. 

Thermal Insulation

Our backpack contains 3 insulated bottle holders to keep all your baby's bottles warm. 

Waterproof Storage

Dispose of wet wipes and stinky diapers in our front waterproof storage pocket. 

Towelette Dispenser & Beverage Pocket

Grab your wipes with ease with our functionally designed side pocket. Additionally, store beverages on the other side with one grab.

Hidden Back Pocket

Keep your valuable items safe with our discrete back pocket.

Information Card Slot

Have mommy brain and forgot your bag somewhere? Leave an information card if it gets lost.

3 Different Ways to Carry

Grab your bag atop, hold it on your shoulders, or hang it to your stroller. With adjustable padded straps and padded backing, this backpack provides a comfortable fit for Mom or Dad. Straps are included.